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do you know who I am…well do you

8 Jul

Fearfully and wonderfully ~ that’s how you were created.  The essence of you.  Everything about you rested in the mind of God before the foundations of the earth until the day you were born. He thought about you too long to make a mistake. From the core of your soul to the depth of your heart, you are all the way through…you. (journal entry 12.03.03)

Sometimes I wonder if the people that know me “really know” who I am.  So I did a little experiment and asked several of them a question, “Do you know what things matter most to me?”  When I asked the question, I noticed the look on their faces, kind of a “caught off guard” or “is this a trick question?” expression,  but they were all kind enough to provide an answer. Each answered correctly, generally speaking, but many of them couldn’t pinpoint a deeper answer. Continue reading


beautiful – every one of us…

20 Jun

Normally, I post every week, but believe it or not, I was at a loss for words this past Friday.  I typed up two other posts, but didn’t publish either of them.  I will save them for another day. I prayed for direction and finally I feel as though there is something to be said.

During the past couple of weeks I’ve had several extraordinary experiences while spending time with many awesome, wise women.  Women of faith who prayed, cried, rejoiced and sang together as they shared some of their most personal stories.

The “Celebration of Woman” conference presented by the beautiful women of Christ’s Church Apostolic provided an amazing experience for my daughter and I.  The theme was “God’s Woman: Captivating”  – Psalms 45:13.  This conference was all about the beauty that every woman possesses.  The theme of the conference was inspired by a book entitled “Captivating – Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul” by John and Stasi Eldridge. So of course I purchased the book while I was there and so far, I am enjoying it.

If you haven’t noticed yet, this is a very important topic for me.  One of the reasons I committed myself to this blog is because I believed that it would provide an excellent opportunity to serve as a constant reminder to every woman who reads it – that they are “fearfully and wonderfully made” while addressing some of the real life situations that many of us encounter. Experiences that can block our view of self and purpose.  I believe that by sharing our stories, our triumphs and our wisdom – we can encourage and strengthen one another in many ways.

Back to the book, it is revealing in terms of some core challenges we face as women, because we were created women. The very things that make us so special are the same things that can be the source of insecurities and pain. I’ll only give you one example (just in case you haven’t read the book yet and decide you would like to read it).  A woman’s desire to be in a loving relationship has everything to do with her purpose for being created.  You know the story: And the LORD God said, [It is] not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. Genesis 2:18 (KJV) Eve was created for a specific purpose, she was created with many special qualities (externally and internally) that are specific to women, and she was “captivating.” As I was reading, I began to reflect on conversations I’ve heard among women – praying and hoping to meet and fall in love with that special man.  It all made sense to me.  Many women begin to question themselves, maybe if I were_____________, (you fill in the blank) the man of my dreams would love me, or the one that I am with would love me better.

The truth of the matter is this, whether or not a man ever appreciates the beautiful woman each of us are – we are still fearfully and wonderfully made. We should always walk in our beauty, head held high and secure in ourselves. There is something especially beautiful about a woman who knows who she is and is comfortable with it. Perhaps there will always be a deep down desire to fall in love, get married and live happily ever after and there is nothing wrong with that, but we must never settle, never stop loving ourselves and never, never forget how precious and special we are to God and each other.

love you all and God bless!

If you have a story or words of wisdom that you would like to share – please email me at crmartincan@gmail.com to schedule an interview.

what is your passion?

20 May

What is your passion?In the heart of every woman,
there is a strategically placed passion.

The one thing she dreams about,
she envisions herself as ~ she can’t escape.

It is the place where her gifts and talents
lay restlessly waiting to take their place in the scheme of God’s will.

Well ~ the time to walk in your purpose is as near as your ability
to embrace all He has place strategically inside of you.

What is your passion?

This is a poem that God placed in my heart during a time when I was longing for purpose. I’ve come to realize that purpose filled living only need be embraced.

What is dear to your heart?  What triggers the activist in you? What makes your eyes sparkle and your spirit light up when you hear or talk about it?

As women, it is easy to loose ourselves in the demands of those who depend on us, but we must not forget the things that we are passionate about.  It’s never to late to pursue them.  I once met a successful sculptor who picked up her first piece of clay when she was in her mid-fifties.  It wasn’t long before she was being sought and commissioned to create sculptures throughout the country.

I believe that passion is a compass God places in our hearts to help guide us to our divine purpose.

I hope you will do more than read this article, but I pray you will pause, breathe, close your eyes and remember… What is your passion?