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a distinct experience…a different perspective

22 Jul

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble ~ Psalms 46:1 (KJV)

I had a distinct experience that allowed me to see the power of this scripture from a very different perspective.

this is what happened…
My son was staying with me.  He had found a job within walking distance of our home.  This particular evening, due to a shipment arriving late, he was asked to clock in at 2:00am rather than the usual 10:00pm.  Even though his job was within walking distance, it was cold, and living near downtown, well let’s just say, the streets are not always the safest place to be at night. I told him I would give him a ride – so at 1:30am we left.  As we were driving, we noticed an oddly dressed woman walking, crying hysterically, attempting to flag us down.  At the time, I wasn’t sure, but I thought she had a cast on her left arm. My gut reaction was to pull over and see how we could help her.  My son reminded me of a time when he tried to help a woman whose car had stopped during the holidays a year ago – when he stopped to help her, there were 2 men hiding nearby – he was robbed. He scolded me about my safety. Continue reading


do you know who I am…well do you

8 Jul

Fearfully and wonderfully ~ that’s how you were created.  The essence of you.  Everything about you rested in the mind of God before the foundations of the earth until the day you were born. He thought about you too long to make a mistake. From the core of your soul to the depth of your heart, you are all the way through…you. (journal entry 12.03.03)

Sometimes I wonder if the people that know me “really know” who I am.  So I did a little experiment and asked several of them a question, “Do you know what things matter most to me?”  When I asked the question, I noticed the look on their faces, kind of a “caught off guard” or “is this a trick question?” expression,  but they were all kind enough to provide an answer. Each answered correctly, generally speaking, but many of them couldn’t pinpoint a deeper answer. Continue reading


13 May

As I was on my way to work not long ago, I pulled up to a stop light.  To my left, I noticed a woman. I would have guessed us to be close in age. I will call her Leslie for the sake of this article. She was holding a sign written in marker on cardboard.  I don’t remember what it said.  I rolled down my window. She asked me to pray for her, that God would bless her with a job.  I felt a strong connection and Leslie remains in my thoughts and prayers.

It’s funny, I’ve passed by many women standing on street corners holding signs, sharing their stories and asking for help, but there was something very different about my encounter with Leslie. I could see in her eyes how difficult it was for her to be on that corner. Leslie allowed me to see our similarities – she and I have more in common than not. I was also reminded that in today’s economy, not much stands between many people, that street corner and a cardboard sign.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is important to pause from time to time.  It is difficult to make real connections if we are moving too quickly through life.  If we pause, love and compassion would have an opportunity to express itself in deeper ways. We would be able to connect with one another on deeper levels.  When we take the time to connect, we are less likely to judge and more likely to extend understanding; and even if all we have to offer is a an ear, a shoulder and a prayer, for some that would be more than enough.

I will never forget Leslie.  I look for her each time I pass that particular intersection. I continue to pray and I’m always thinking, Lord, please keep her safe and bless her to find a job.  Since I’ve only seen her one other time, I’d like to believe that He already has.

Til next time, everyone have a blessed week…