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your 15 minutes is up…

29 Jul

As a child, when I would experience difficult situations, I couldn’t stand it when my mother told me about the less fortunate or recited the infamous “people are starving in Africa” speech.  What? Was hearing about another’s troubles suppose to lessen my hurt and disappointment?  Isn’t it funny – now that I’m a little older and a little less selfish, it all makes sense.  My mom was simply trying to offer me another perspective.

It’s true, there is always someone going through a tougher time…always. And while knowing this doesn’t take away our hurt or disappointment, it certainly puts things in perspective. Things could always be worse.

Perspective is a powerful thing and it is the difference between seeing ourselves as victors or victims. It affects all of the feelings attached to the lens through which we view ourselves and our circumstances. Continue reading


a metaphor for NO

15 Jul

I had a vision this morning.  Imagine a boundless ocean – cerulean…calm. I watched a woman slowly immerse. Her loose fitted white gown translucently reflecting the sea’s blue-green and mimicking her movements as she fought to swim to the top. I looked up, I could see her point-of-view.  Suddenly, I was she. The lights shining through the water’s surface diminished as the distance enlarged between us.  Tired of fighting, I paused. It was then I felt something heavy attached to my right ankle – it was weighing me down. I looked to see what it was. There were so many hands gripping me… so many people. (07.11.11 journal entry)

The meaning of the vision was clear and simple to understand. Watching the woman from a distance and then suddenly seeing it from a point-of-view perspective let me know that other women would be able to relate to what I saw.  Many of us have an inclination to nurture and get involved beyond what is healthy for us personally.  The hands gripping my ankles in the vision represent the people, projects and distractions in my life, and the fading lights were my own hopes and dreams slowly slipping away. Continue reading