from good seed to harvest

29 Apr

Thank you for your comments concerning cultivating  good seed, uprooting bad seed, and all of your words of wisdom surrounding this topic.

I can remember my first garden. I would start early to avoid the heat of the day.  I learned many lessons about life, simply by watching my garden grow.

Always plant with expectation – Have Faith!
Each time I planted seeds, I expected them to grow.  It never occurred to me that they wouldn’t flourish.  I was confident that if I planted seeds and cared for them as instructed, my garden would soon blossom.  Likewise, when we plant seeds within our families, our community, our businesses and so on, we must have faith that our good seeds will take root and grow to maturity.

Do something
Faith without works is dead… James 2:17

We must first plant our seeds before we can expect them to grow.  After they are planted, we must water them, fertilize them and be patient.  Even if they do not grow as quickly as we think they should, we must continue to cultivate the seeds we have planted.  When it is time and conditions are right for them to breakthrough, they will.

Timing is everything
To everything there is a season…Ecclesiastes 3:1

Different seeds must be planted at different times, for example, the best time to plant tulip bulbs is from September to November. Daisy seeds, on the other hand need to be sowed in the spring when the threat of frost has passed.  In either case, planting seeds at the right time is a critical part of their growth process. We must also harvest when our garden is ready and not before. Remember, there is a time to plant and a time to harvest, and if we are prayerful, watchful, teachable, and patient, we will be able to discern these seasons.

Don’t allow weeds to grow in your garden
Weeds seem to show up from nowhere.  One day you are admiring your lovely garden and the next, weeds appear to be everywhere.  If you remove them when they first begin to grow, they are easy to pull up.  If you wait, the roots of some weeds entangle themselves with your plants and become a challenge to get rid of.  Isn’t that a little like life? You can be experiencing an absolutely perfect day, then one little phone call can reek havoc. Difficult circumstances seem to show up from nowhere. We must attend to them quickly and prayerfully so they will not root themselves in our lives.

What does all of this have to do with life?
The lessons I learned while watching my garden grow is an illustration of life’s garden. It taught me to plant good seeds in life, have faith that they will grow, put my faith in action, cultivate and protect the seeds I plant with prayer, prepare for abundance, and enjoy the harvest with family, friends and community.

I’ve only touched on a portion of this topic.  Please comment and share some of your wisdom about sowing and reaping.


One Response to “from good seed to harvest”

  1. Normadale May 2, 2011 at 1:22 pm #

    I was just thinking about your continual missive on planting seed and reaping the harvest and what came to mind was,lots of us when planting a garden of any kind, tend to want to protect it also by putting in a fence and sometimes even adding a scare crow to ward off birds from plucking those seeds out before they can germinate, grow and produce and become all it was meant to be.

    In my mind I saw the scarecrow as the gatekeeper and the birds that come in, the predators that come to attack and destroy. The Scriptures speak about the thief coming to kill, steal and destroy, which is what happens if the gate keeper does not mind the gate or is bribed to allow the thief in.

    Also I was thinking that most ardent gardeners will go out and pull weeds, water, and prune as needed etc. so they can have the best garden and the best results. They make sure all the trash/waste is gone so the plants are not choked and make sure the impurities are gone just like we will drink lots of water to flush out our system of it’s impurities so we feel and function much better, so in our garden we pull out all the impurities and we feed it with the good things it needs flourish.

    I checked out Ecclesiates 2:4-5, because the writer spoke of his garden with pride but also the labour that was put into it becoming something worth boasting of. I am working on making my life/garden something the Lord can deem worthy and speak highly of. I also looked at Genesis and thought based on the writer’s description we can see how each person tended their garden/life and the results.In Haggai 2:6-9, I am confident that these things can happen in me,through me/the Church if I take excellent care of my garden and have it prepared for this awesome pouring out! having His Glory fill this house/garden is pretty Irie Mon!

    Please keep in mind this is just my view on gardening,my bit of thought and interpretation I figured was worth a share.

    God’s Blessings to you and may He always be in your day!

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